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Staying true to our standard of treating each of our clients like family, the same goes for each head of livestock that passes through our gates. We’re cattle owners ourselves and we understand that conditions matter for buyers and sellers alike. With that being said we strive to provide the best possible environment for all livestock coming through our barns. This task is made easier by the facilities we have in place. Both locations have the infrastructure to feed, water, and graze your livestock, and loading and unloading is made easy by our drive-thru set up. The recent addition of 19 fans to increase ventilation in the North Town Barn, is the first step of many in our overall facility upgrades and modernization plan.

Our Facilities

Coffeyville Stockyards Feed Bunks
Tape Clipart
Tape Clipart
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We're cattle owners ourselves. We understand that barn conditions matter for buyers and sellers alike.
Quotations Clipart

- Tylen Layton, Owner

Coffeyville Stockyards Feed Bunks
Feed & Water Pens

When you choose Coffeyville Stockyards, our facilities are able to accommodate the need to feed, water, or graze your animals. 

Cattle Eating Hay out of Hay Ring
Fans & Misters

Our facilities are equipped with numerous fans & a misting system to keep your livestock cool during those hot Midwest summers.

cattle trailer transport
Easy Load/Unload

With the help of our great staff along with convenient pull-through access, loading and unloading your livestock is quick and easy. 

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