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Coffeyville Stockyards Cow
Tape Clipart
Tape Clipart

     Our standard weekly sales take place on Wednesday's at 9:00am and Thursday's at 10:00am. Wednesday's sale is dedicated to calves and yearlings, and is held at the Northtown Barn in Coffeyville, KS. Cows, pairs, and bulls being sold the following day, in South Coffeyville, OK at our Southtown Barn.

     We also have set aside the second Monday of each month for hogs, goats, and sheep, with hogs selling first beginning at 5:00pm, followed by goats and sheep at 6:00pm. During the months of August through May we will also be holding a special cattle sale the third Saturday of each month. Any additional or special sales will be added to the calendar below and will also be advertised on our Facebook page

Sale Scheudle

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