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Meet our Herd Monday: Doug & Elizabeth King

As we start another week here at the stockyards, we thought we should start putting some faces with the names you've more than likely heard a time or two around the barns. So we decided to start a new little series we're calling, "Meet our Herd Monday!" At the start of each week we'll introduce you to one (or two) of the many faces that keep the wheels spinning at Coffeyville Stockyards!

This week we'd like you all to meet Doug and Elizabeth King! The King's make up one of the two couples that own the stockyards!

Doug & Elizabeth King

Doug and Elizabeth King's farming and ranching roots run deep. From broiler houses to feeder calves, the recent Arkansas transplants have never been too far from the sale barn way of life. From day one of purchasing the first barn, to signing the papers to seal the deal on the second, the pair along side the Layton's (who we'll introduce next week) have become more than business partners, they're family.

Having recently celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary, Doug and Elizabeth know a thing or two about family themselves. With three wonderful kids, one perfect grandson, and too many chickens and cows to count, they're a true and steadfast example of what a farm and ranch family is and should be!

The next time you stop by the barn you're bound to run into one theses two at some point! You'll most likely find Doug around back making sure things are running smoothly and keeping everyone in line! And while Elizabeth is still holding down the fort in Arkansas until they can get completely moved, she helps out with video sales and can plan one heck of an employee appreciation party! With all that being said, there's one thing we know for sure. When you do see them, they're going to shake your hand or hug your neck, and they're never going to miss an opportunity to thank you for being there. And in our book, that's good people. We'll meet you back here next week to introduce you all to the Layton's and that blonde-haired, blue eyed little man of theirs! Have a great week, and we'll see you on sale day!


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