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Meet our Herd Monday: the Layton's

On this week's installment of Meet our Herd Monday, we're happy to introduce Tylen and Ryley Layton! These two along with the King's you met last week are the owners of Coffeyville Stockyards!

Tylen and Ryley are local kids turned cattle industry veterans. With Ryley's father being a manager at National Livestock in Oklahoma City, and themselves running a stocker operation near Tylen's hometown of Copan, cattle basically runs in their blood. When the chance to join forces with the King's and purchase the South Coffeyville barn presented itself, it was a natural segue for Tylen and a return to her roots so to speak for Ryley.

In November of 2021, the pair diversified their herd with the addition of a blonde haired, blue-eyed baby boy. Right out of the gate, Lawson Jay Layton has been his mama's little cowboy and daddy's right-hand man! Be sure to check out our new post series, "Laying down the Law(son)" where Lawson shares with us his must know tips for navigating the sale barn life, coming in the weeks ahead!

The pair alongside the King's are proud of all the hard work they've put into the combining of two great markets and are excited and optimistic about what the future holds for Coffeyville Stockyards. When asked what one thing they want each person who allows Coffeyville Stockyards to market their cattle to know, Tylen said, "We're cattle owners ourselves, so we know just how important a strong market, great facilities, and that personal touch means. We hope that each of our clients past, present, and future know that when they choose Coffeyville Stockyards that's exactly what they'll get."


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